Yuqi Tan

Yuqi Tan

I obtained my PhD in Computational biology from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. During my PhD at the Cahan Lab, I have developed SingleCellNet , a computational tool to classify single cell RNA seq data across platform and across species.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Garry Nolan's lab at Stanford exploring multi-omics integration and digital pathlogy.

Here is my CV.

Publications & Conferences



Pedagogy Teaching Academy: Preparing for Future Faculty program (trainee) 2016-2018
Institute for Educational Excellence Summer Teaching camp (trainee) 2017
Teaching assistant Practical Genomics Workshop 2018-2019
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2017-2019
Computational Stem Cell Biology 2018
Teaching Introduction to Biological Molecules (Guest lecturer) 2018
Biomedical Engineering: Topics in Stem Cell Biology 2019
Neuroscience: A single cell story 2020
Computational Stem Cell Biology (Guest lecturer) 2020
Computational Stem Cell Biology (Guest lecturer) 2021


Other areas where I lavish my curiosity and abundant energy

  • I am a certified yoga instructor .
  • I love ballroom dancing and salsa, I have also dabbled a bit into swing and argentine tango.
  • I am a avid amature bird watcher and I enjoy bird photography.
  • I am a adventurous foodie and self-proclaimed (!!) good chef.
  • I love traveling and reading.
  • I take improvisation lessons here and there.