Yuqi Tan

Yuqi Tan

I am a computational biologist with rigorous training in both statistical learning and cell molecular biology. My research goal is to design machine learning methods that will drive new biomedical discoveries, such as improving stem cell engineering protocols, discovering novel cell types from single-cell measurements, and inferring developmental trajectories during in vitro reprogramming. I plan to lead a research team to understand the high-dimensional spatial arrangement of cell types and how relationships are disrupted in disease by harnessing the power of single-cell multi-omics technologies and volumetric imaging. In pursuing these research goals, I am dedicated to creating an inclusive and open environment and mentoring a diverse team of young scientists to achieve their research vision.

Academic training
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Nolan lab @ Stanford University
PhD 2021 in the Cahan lab @ JHU 2021
BSc(Hons) @CUHK 2014

Google Scholar.

Publications & Conferences


Machine Learning Algorithm Development and Spatial-omics


Pedagogy Teaching Academy: Preparing for Future Faculty program (trainee) 2016-2018
Institute for Educational Excellence Summer Teaching camp (trainee) 2017
Teaching assistant Practical Genomics Workshop 2018-2019
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2017-2019
Computational Stem Cell Biology 2018
Teaching Introduction to Biological Molecules (Guest lecturer) 2018 @JHU
Biomedical Engineering: Topics in Stem Cell Biology 2019 @JHU
Neuroscience: A single cell story 2020 @JHU
Computational Stem Cell Biology (Guest lecturer) 2020@JHU
Computational Stem Cell Biology (Guest lecturer) 2021 @JHU
Single-cell Spatial-omics: with Applications to Stem Cell Engineering and Cancer Immunotherapy 2022 @Stanford
Single Cell Biology @Yale University (Guest lecturer) 2023 @Yale


Other areas where I lavish my curiosity and abundant energy

  • I am a certified yoga instructor .
  • I love ballroom dancing and salsa, I have also dabbled a bit into swing and argentine tango.
  • I am a avid amature bird watcher and I enjoy bird photography.
  • I am a adventurous foodie and self-proclaimed (!!) good chef.
  • I love traveling and reading.
  • I take improvisation lessons here and there.